Welcome to the Humber Bridge Public Portal.

We have experienced some technical issues over the weekend which has resulted in some customers paying multiple times. Please be assured all duplicate payments will be refunded - please allow 7 working days to see these on your bank statement 


Please be aware it can take up to 3 working days for transits to be uploaded to the website for payment


During the Covid 19 pandemic you have 14 days to pay for your toll fee online. 

Failure to pay within 14 days will incur additional charges.


Please use capital letters and no spaces

Ensure registration details are input in the correct format making sure you accurately distinguish the letters and numbers such as the letter O and the number 0

If you receive the "debt not found" message, please continue to check here each day for 4 consecutive working days (allow extra time during bank holidays).

If you have been entering the correct vehicle registration number and your details have not been uploaded after checking for 4 consecutive working days, please email customer services on admin@humbertag.com.

Due to Covid 19 the customer services department will no longer be taking calls. We are continuing to operate and will respond to all queries via email and queries through our website

Please see our FAQ’s here if you have any further queries, alternatively email the Customer Services Team on admin@humbertag.com

Check and settle trips here if you do not have an account with us
Vehicle Registration Number


If you want to dispute an unpaid toll notification you have received, your case will be reviewed in line with our Dispute of an unpaid toll notifiction process. Please contact our Unpaid Toll Team via email: unpaidtoll@humbertag.com

Full details can be found here 

Additional Charges Summary 

£15 per unpaid toll notification issued (these are issued for each unpaid transit)

£10 violation charge (due to non payment 31 days from date of transit)

£10 per letter issued by our legal representatives

Interest may be charged on debts owed to the Humber Bridge Board

Further legal costs may be incurred should the case proceed to Court.


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